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Their Financial Future

Cheri Blair Financial Services

My Passion is...

Empowering & Educating Women to Feel Confident and Knowledgeable when Faced with Making their Own Financial Decisions.

90% of All Women

Will Eventually Be Responsible for their own Finances. Isn’t it Time to get a Second Opinion to help Secure your Retirement?

Did you know that a whopping 92% of women have the desire to learn more about financial planning?!*

Hear What Cheri Has To Say!!!

Now, more than ever it is important for women to understand why they need a financial strategy. With evolving roles and increasing responsibilities, women are seeking out ways to become more knowledgeable about their finances.

Learn the following keys to enhancing your financial strategy:

  • Do you have a financial strategy to create income and preserve capital for a 30+ year retirement?
  • How to identify and solve for potential income gaps in your current retirement strategy.
  • How much can you safely withdraw annually from your retirement savings to help ensure an income that lasts?
  • How today’s economic environment might challenge traditional assumptions about asset allocation.
* Fidelity Investments Money Fit Women Study, 2015

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