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About Cheri

Cheri Blair has been working as a financial consultant to women, entrepreneurs, and their families for over 25 years. Having worked many years in a predominately male industry, she established Cheri Blair Financial Services to provide a level of service that is primarily tailored to address women’s financial needs and values, particularly during times of transition. Cheri understands now more than ever how important it is for women to have a financial strategy, especially since they tend to make less money than men, live longer and face more financial challenges during their retirement years.

Having first-hand experience with the unique challenges women often encounter when it comes to financial matters, Cheri is passionate about empowering women and helping support her clients through every stage of their financial journey. She emphasizes a holistic and client-centric approach that’s built on trust and acknowledges that what is important to her clients regarding their money and financial matters will always be her number one priority. For her, it’s about working together based on a mutual understanding, respect and knowledge of each client’s goals and vision.

With a college background in business and psychology, Cheri began her financial services career in 1994 with MetLife Financial Services. She then joined MJL & Associates, a wealth management firm in San Diego, in 2011, welcoming the opportunity to partner with the thriving, comprehensive financial services organization.

She also dedicated time during this period channeling her passion for helping women and developed educational seminars and workshops to inform, empower and inspire them on financial literacy. Cheri knows firsthand why it is so essential for women to not only understand their finances but also feel empowered and confident when making their own financial decisions, and why this type of independence is of the utmost importance. Contact us to get started!

Cheri enjoys running with her puppy and working out during her spare time. She also loves spending time outdoors gardening, hiking with friends and enjoying the beautiful California beach weather nearby.

About CBFS

Whatever stage of life you’re in CBFS can assist you in the financial planning to make these transitions with greater ease. At a time when you’re busy with new responsibilities or added stresses, Cheri can guide and support you during periods of transition to help ensure that your current and future financial needs are addressed, from retirement to estate planning.

CBFS’ philosophy is to take a holistic approach with clients and believing that building confidence through education is a major cornerstone to one’s success, supporting clients in making informed financial decisions for today and for the future. A common CBFS theme is “You must value your future comfort as much as you value your comfort today!”

About Sonia

Operations and Marketing

CBFS happily welcomed Sonia Barre in 2019. Since then, she has supported the company in many areas, including operations, social media, and marketing. Sonia came to CBFS having worked numerous years in financial services, financial literacy and international affairs. She received her BA from Pomona College in International Relations and her graduate certificate in Financial Planning from Georgetown University. She is a San Diego native, mom of two, and loves to spend time with her family hiking, traveling, playing boardgames, and spending time at the beach.