CBFS Winter 2023 Magazine

Winter 2023 – What’s Inside:

As we plow through this winter, we’re crossing fingers that Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow and can only hope spring arrives early! If you are outside of Southern California, we hope your winter has been enjoyable without too many weather challenges.

We also hope that you have found Financial Blooming, our seasonal magazine, these last two years, to be informative and useful with information on a variety of topics ranging from personal finance to simple ways of caring for yourself and your loved ones. We will be transitioning to a new magazine format next season and look forward to continue sharing articles that keep you informed of events we are hosting for our clients and other timely issues that may be of interest to you.

In this issue, we will discuss setting goals for a successful 2023 and the years to follow and provide a calendar highlighting monthly personal financial tips. We will also explore ways to prepare for your future through your estate strategy, which includes ideas for our pet-loving clients and their beloved furry friends.

We hope you enjoy and are more informed by what you read here. If you think any of your friends, family or colleagues might also benefit, please let us know and we will make sure they too receive this magazine. More →

We wish you and your family a very happy wintertime and a great start to 2023. Thank you for letting Cheri Blair Financial Services be part of your life, through every changing season.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any reason and of course!

Fall 2022 Magazine

Fall 2022 – What’s Inside:

The word autumn comes from the Latin word autumnus, which means “the passing of the year.” It’s a time to slow down and reflect on the months behind us, while appreciating the bounty of the season.

If you like your autumn with a side of spooky, there’s nothing more thrilling than discovering you have “zombie” money. In “Hunting Zombified Accounts,” we’ll show you how to track down missing assets and how you can bring them back from the dead.

Now that the world is opening up more, you may be wanting to make up for lost time. The article “Preparing for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience” explores how to prep for your big dream while keeping one eye on your budget.

If you’re staying closer to home as the holidays approach, we’ll help you get inspired to decorate and bake. Get your creative ideas flowing with decorations in “Holiday Door Decor,” where we’ll show you a unique twist on expressing your gratitude throughout the fall season. “Give Your Autumn Baking a Twist” will inspire you to make tasty treats right in your very own kitchen. More →

This autumn, we hope you’ll take time to slow down and savor these precious moments.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any reason and of course, enjoy the summertime!

Summer 2022 Magazine

Summer 2022 – What’s Inside:

Summer is here, which means the weather will be perfect for outdoor activities and family togetherness. We’ve pulled together some resources for you to enjoy, hopeully from your hammock.

While you’re getting outdoor exercise right now, once summer is gone, your fitness goals might head back indoors. “Building Your Ultimate Smart Gym” takes a look at setting up a workout regimen for the home. When it’s time to relax, kick back and mix yourself a “Perfect Family-Friendly Summer Cocktail.”

In “Backyard Bungalows to Captivating Cottages,” we look at adding an accessory dwelling unit to your home. You’ll learn what pitfalls to avoid when making this step, as well as a few helpful tips.

While retirement means many thing to many people, it also comes with preconceived notions and outdated ideas. In “Rethinking Retirement,” we’ll take down a number of less-than-helpful myths about the golder years. More →

Remember, we’re here to support you through this season of your life and beyond.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any reason and of course, enjoy the summertime!

Magazine Spring 2022

Spring 2022 – What’s Inside:

Blossom by blossom, spring begins. As the earth awakens and sprouts, so we too emerge from the cold of winter’s embrace, welcoming the imminent return of bluer skies and warmer days.

With Spring’s arrival, folks are getting out more, enjoying more outdoor gatherings with friends and loved ones. To honor this period of reopening that we’re moving into, CBFS will be hosting several nice afternoon luncheons at some of our favorite places. We’ll be kicking off our luncheon series in May and will continue into the summer months. Be sure to follow us on social media for more upcoming dates and locations. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to join us for one of the lovely events!

Spring is also a great time to break out your home maintenance checklist. In “A Springtime Checklist for Money and Home,” we’ll explore how to keep your home in tip-top shape, along with some tips for annual financial maintenance.

If you’ve been thinking about setting up a charitable foundation, “Leaving a Lasting Legacy” will give you details on how you can start today to leave a meaningful legacy.
In “Engaging Local History,” we’ll look at how you can embark on exciting adventures without leaving your hometown. Finally, whether or not you have a green thumb, “Harvest at Home” might give you some ideas you’d like to try this season. More →

Wishing you a beautiful spring, full of renewal. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any reason.

Financial Magazine - Winter 2022

Winter 2022 – What’s Inside:

“Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.” Winter is the perfect time to remember all of our favorite things and to share tidings of comfort and joy to those around us.

If you’re ready to trade snowy winters for sunny skies, we’ll show you how in “Wintering 101: Your Guide to Seasonal Living.” We’ll also discuss how to make the most of your online shopping experiences in “Shopping for Big-Ticket Items Online.”

Passing along your financial knowledge is an invaluable gift to give. In “Gratitude,” we’ll look at ways practicing gratitude can improve your health, wealth and wisdom. We’ll also share tips on how to utilize technology to monitor your retirement and more. And finally, we’ll look at how you can make
this winter the time when you finally write your novel.

We wish you a safe and happy season filled with wonder, hope, and renewal that stays with you all year long.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any reason. More →

CBFS Fall 2021 Magazine

Fall 2021 – What’s Inside:

Autumn is a time when we pause and reap the fruits of our labor. In this edition, we welcome fall with open arms. Whether you prefer drinking a mug of hot cider or eating an apple fresh off the tree, we’ll explore the history of America’s most beloved fruit in “All About Apples.”

We’ll also be exploring some of autumn’s more unusual traditions and how they’ve permeated our fall celebrations in “Autumnal Oddities.” In “Retire Well or Savefor College?,” you’ll learn how to prioritize financial goals and how you can create strategies to pursue two different goals with one source of funds. If you’re wrestling with whether you should fund your retirement over a loved one’s education, then this article is for you.

As the country and the world begin to reopen, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is just beginning to be understood. In “Monumental Impact,” we’ll explore the disproportionate effects of the pandemic on women—and some of the surprising good news as well.

Come what may, we’re here to support you through this season and beyond. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any reason. More →

Summer 2021 Magazine Issue

Summer 2021 – What’s Inside:

With so many of us staying closer to home this summer, technology is making it possible to still enjoy the outside world, as you’ll read in “Online Tourism: See the World from Your Sofa.” Building a kit for emergencies can also be an excellent summer activity, and you can read more about how to make your own “go bag” in this issue.

In “The Great Wealth Transfer,” you’ll learn about how several generations are already experiencing one of history’s largest intergenerational wealth transfers. Whether you’re making decisions about your legacy or thinking about how to responsibly receive an inheritance, you don’t want to miss this article.

How will COVID-19 affect your financial strategy over the long term? In “Pandemic-Proof Your Finances,” we’ll explore how to possibly protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances.

Come what may, we’re here to support you through this season and beyond. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any reason.

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Spring 2021 Magazine Issue

Spring 2021 – What’s Inside:

In this time of renewal, it makes sense to give yourself room to grow by casting aside the things you no longer need. In that spirit, “Declutter Your Documents” can help you decide what to keep, and what to send on a blind date with your paper shredder. Also, be on the lookout after April 15th for CBFS’s Spring Document Shredding event to further help you through the process.

It turns out, you can’t make an omelet without breaking open your nest egg. Shifting retirement savings into retirement income is tricky. If you’re nearing retirement or already there, “Make Your Money Work for You” provides food for thought as you consider how to fund your golden years.

As spring approaches, “Seedling Today, Garden Tomorrow” can help make your green thumb greener. And for another green twist, check out “A Matcha Made in Heaven” to learn about the tea that’s making a splash around the globe while touting impressive benefits.

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