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The CBFS Blog

Offering expert educational information on a variety of financial topics from holistic planning to investment trends, Cheri’s savvy “women’s perspective” is both timely and much needed. Check it out here →

Our Seasonal Magazine

Along with Cheri’s financial insights, you will enjoy featured articles on a myriad of topics including gardening, health, food, travel, and much more. Check it out here →

Cheri’s Podcast

Empowering women in areas of financial education and wealth building is a passion of Cheri’s that you’re sure to learn much from. Start at the top of the list and learn why Cheri is passionate about what she shares with you.. Check it out here →

Financial Calculator

When would you like to retire and what would it take for you to get there? This financial calculator can take some of the ‘guessing’ out of the equation. Check it out here →

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