Money Silence

Created By: Kathleen Kingsbury of Breaking Money Silence

Changing a money behavior is challenging and busting through the money talk taboo is no different. Most people need to feel some pain before letting go of an unhealthy habit like money silence…

What is the cost of your silence? Answer the following three questions to find out.

  1. What is the one financial topic that is most uncomfortable to discuss?
  2. What makes talking about this money matter uncomfortable?
  3. If you never talk about this matter, what is the potential financial cost to you? To your partner? To your family?

Now, take your answers from above and fill in the blanks below.

My money silence about ________ (fill in your most difficult topic) may cost me and my family _______________________________.


You just took the first step towards breaking your money silence. By highlighting the real life consequences of avoiding money talk, you are moving toward positive change. One small step at a time.

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